Caught in Appliance Hell

A couple of years ago, I noticed that my frost free freezer had a little ice in it. And lately, it has had a LOT of ice in it. I think I have figured out why, because the compressor won’t quit running, and yet the “not cold enough” alarm won’t quit buzzing. Now, one fritzy appliance does not constitute hell, but the dryer is no longer producing heat. DO you know how long it takes to get stuff dry just tossing it around? A long time, and even after it is dry, the dryer doesn’t shut itself off automatically. I doubt a raypak heater will be required, but I sure hope Mr. Appliance can help me out as efficiently as they did when my frig pooped out. Maybe they’ll give me a little discount for letting you all know about them. I’m not counting on it, but my pocketbook would sure be happy.

Oh, a freezer that’s too warm and a dryer that’s too cold……maybe I will just plug them in to each other somehow! Oh, I slay me!

One thought on “Caught in Appliance Hell

  1. At least your ice cream will be cold and you wont burn your skin on your pant zipper when you’re in a hurry and pull them out of the dryer just after the alarm goes off.

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