Self Portrait Sunday 1/29/2012

Because I’ve missed it, and because it was a great tradition, and because Tina reminded me about it, I’m bringing back Self Portrait Sunday.

Here I am getting ready to go out on Friday night with my mom. We went to Chadbourn to hear Tommy Simmons and Friends play. I’d link you if I could find them on the internet, but I can’t. They are an awesome little bluegrass band from right here in Bittyburg. After we closed that place down, we came back home, flew right past our exit and went to The Rusty Nail. We closed them down, too. It was a great night, and I’m thinking we’ll be doing that again.

Beats staying at home and googling a.o. smith motors or cleaning. Which is what I should be doing now instead of running my mouth. Er, fingers. Whatever.

So, you know the drill, folks, Snap it, post it, link it.

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