Ahh, Facebook! How I love thee!

Ah, Facebook, how I love thee!
I continually find cute pictures and words of wisdom. Some of these are simple and fit for printing as customized t-shirts. Others are more thought provoking and cause me to think and form actual opinions. And yet, when I do, people want to argue with me. The only problem is, well, more than one. The first problem is that most people don’t come to facebook to read essays. Most of them come to facebook to read pithy one-liners and find out where/what folks are eating/going/doing. But I like thinking, and I like debating, and I particularly enjoy making folks examine opinions that they think they have but that they have really only borrowed from mass media and dogma, and yes I mean incorrectly expounded theology.

So! I have decided that I want to do some political blogging. Muhahahah. I have even borrowed a little picture from AATP to help us all understand the rules of correct debate. Are you ready? Ok, check this out.

Remember this, and I will be back when I have more to say!