The 45 Year Reading List

Alrighty then. Between blogging and facebooking session, I have been as busy as an industrial motor. I told you I pulled the books. I told you I pulled the photos and found the box. Well, I couldn’t just leave that stuff piled in the living room and heaped on the bed. So I made a place for it.

Bear in mind that my digital books are not represented in this stack. Er, stacks. Think that will keep me busy for a while? I still haven’t figured out what to do with them after I finish them.

And right before I got that all put together, I cleared the chair in my room. So now, I have a place to sit and read, as well as a place to sit and write. I also have all the throw pillows that used to be on the bench on the floor beside my bed, in front of the trunk. Sigh. It’s progress, of a sort. Something is better than nothing.