So, I am having one of those days. Yesterday, I busted up and cleaned one side of the kitchen, and meant to do the other side today. And by clean, I mean sorted, tossed, reorganized. It looks great. I meant to do the other side today, but…now I don’t particularly wanna. To add insult to injury, I went in to start on the kitchen and discovered the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes. I at least finished filling it and started it running. Progress, right?

Nor do I want to read. Or write. Or anything else for that matter. I really just want to lay around like a sloth. I’m not quite sure why that is.

I have put “update the blog” on my mental to-do list. I’ve had this theme for quite a while now. And I have outdated links in my sidebar, widgets I want to take out and others to put in, and it seems like a good time to get fresh. I really like this theme, but it’s not very customize-able. I did find one very similar that IS (or appears to be), and so I am debating between that and a more floral/feminine/pink one. I guess you’ll find out which one I chose when you visit and see it changed, right? For sure, it will be one that allows larger pictures. I like big shots, and I cannot lie. /channeling Sir MixaLot

In other news, I seem to have two teenage boys in my house, and not ones I gave birth to. One of them was apparently kicked out of his house for not finding a job. I am sitting here thinking…you know, unemployment is 8.5%. This only includes folks actively drawing unemployment. It does not include those who are looking for a first job; they are ineligible for unemployment because they have never worked. It does not include those who have been unemployed so long that their unemployment benefits have run out. So, yes, I understand parents are frustrated, but graduation was only a month ago. And jobs are scarce. And I totally get that I don’t know both sides of the story. Nonetheless, I have long been appalled that we live in a society that throws people away, from the unborn to the non-violent offender. I’m appalled that we treat relationships as conveniences instead of commitments. But I am grieved when parents throw their kids out.

I am particularly grieved that parents in my community are doing this TWO MONTHS after one of our kids killed himself, at least in part because of a bad home life. WTF are ya’ll thinking? Seriously, where is your compassion? Where is your respect for a grief process brought on by violent, sudden death? Where is your love for your children?

Ah, maybe that explains my lack of motivation. I’m not lazy, it’s just that my brain is imploding while I try to figure out how to help folks out on my already overtaxed space, funds, and time. Cleaning the kitchen suddenly seems very appealing, in that it will give me something else to think about besides this gigantic parental FAIL.