Self Portrait Sunday 7/22/2012

So here I sit, all dolled up, ready to meet Allison for a blog tutoring session.  YK, I can’t remember the last time I actually put on makeup and earrings.  That’s kinda messed up, right?  Oh, and perfume, too.  Woohoo!  Not the greatest picture, I know, but that’s what you get in dim lighting with a webcam.

And this bring me to another question I keep struggling with.  Why, when I love the way I feel when I put on actual clothes, paint my face, and spray on good smelling stuff, do I do it so rarely?  I’m pretty sure I have asked this same question on this same blog at least a dozen times.  So why do I keep denying myself  this small pleasure?  It takes less than 15 extra minutes, and it makes me feel good all day long.

One more time, I’m going to remind me that I am worth 15 minutes of my own time every day.