Ten Day Writing Challenge, Day Four

Seven things that cross your mind a lot. I am in the middle of a period of upheaval. I guess that’s the best word. A lot of changes, internally. Sorting stuff out, re-evaluating, all that. My list reflects this.

1. Sex. Not just the physical sensations, although that gets a lot of airtime, but the smells, tastes, sounds, and textures of sex. I miss it. Not the orgasms, because I can take care of that quickly and efficiently myself. But the rest of it…..I can’t do that alone.

2. Intimacy, and how it is different than sex, although the two can be related.

3. Luggage. See Day Two.

4. Money. It’s a constant stress, and will continue to be for the next 30 months.

5. My nasty house, and how I can’t seem to stay on top of that, and the children, and the school work, and the volunteer work, and and and. This used to lead to a lot of self-condemnation, but I am learning to remind myself that I am only one human with just 24 hours per day like everyone else.

6. Political stuff, social justice, poverty, human rights, the plight of brown people, women, non-Christians, and those who have non-mainstream sexual lifestyles. What can I say? I’m a social worker major.

7. Erikson, Levinson, Kohlberg, Jung, and Freud. I’m also a psych major. Freud brings me right back to number one: sex. Seriously, it’s like there’s a rat in a wheel in my brain, spinning constantly and going nowhere.