Ten Day Writing Challenge, Day Seven

Four turn offs. This is beginning to feel like a personal report engine, isn’t it? I am enjoying the challenge, but I am not used to talking quite so much about myself!

1. Misogyny. I can’t get worked up over someone who thinks my opinions/thoughts/ideas are less valuable than his. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a take-charge guy. But you don’t get the privilege of smacking dat azz if you pat me on the head.

2. Bigotry. Yeah, hate does not get me wet.

3. Not listening. I talk slow and low. It takes a certain degree of patience to hear me. I realize that. And you may not thing it’s worth it. I realize that, too.

4. Being physically intimidated. I am little. Big people can be scary. Sit still and let’s talk awhile until I start relating to you as a person. Then we’re good. Anticipation is an aphrodisiac, but fear is not.