I am grumpy

I am grumpy because

  1. the dog needs walking
  2. the house needs cleaning
  3. my daughter thinks herself poor (and I take that as a personal smack-down)
  4. I’ve done badly in a class for the first time
  5. the house is dirty, but I think I said that
  6. a man I knew was an asshat has continued to prove himself an asshat
  7. I’m tired, but no longer sleepy because I couldn’t go to bed when I wanted to
  8. I have wasted too much time online today
  9. people ask me questions that they ought to be able to think through themselves
  10. the lice, oh my God, will I never win this battle of the lice?
  11. the house: it is dirty
  12. I am out of ready cash and I have 20 days of month left–I hope I bought enough dog food and toilet paper
  13. I haven’t heard the sound of silence in days
  14. it is hot in this house
  15. I’m forbidden by prudery to mention this one, figure it out for yourselves
  16. I don’t have a work-space in my own home (that changes this weekend)
  17. I don’t want to study for this next exam.

I could have written all this in my journal, but I wanted to share the misery.  And now I have.  I wonder how much it would cost to buy enough rounds to fire myself back in to that cool, calm place in the center of my brain?  Oh yeah, never mind.  See item 12.

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