Christmas Vakay Day Three

So, I remembered the before shots!  Woohoo!  When I got up this morning, here’s what the shelves and cubbies looked like:









As you may remember, the cubbies are being used to divide the sleeping and dressing space from the office space. Clothes do not belong in the cubbies anymore. Something had to change. Here’s what these areas look like now:

You can see that I added a second set of shelves. And yes, I know I have a lot of clothes. I’ve put myself on clothing restriction, no need to “tsk, tsk” me.  And yes, I realize I am missing a shoe.  It’s in there somewhere, under a  pile of “movings.”

There are now empty spaces in the cubbies. The shelves came from beside my living room chair. I’m sitting in my son’s chair now, because….my chair is full of stuff off those shelves, which needs to go in the cubbies. Not sure that will happen today.

In other news, there was the finishing of the Hafiz. All those bookmarks indicate passages I plan to share with you. But not today. First I have to write them down in my “Book of Keeping.” Which I also have to start.

All in all, three days in, I am pleased with what I have gotten done. I’m glad I am learning to feel comfortable with a camera in my hand again. And I am happy to be carving out workspace and developing a plan to deal with some of the clutter.

Now I am off to fix the vacuum cleaner, so I can clean the living room, so we can put up the tree. Oops, clean the living room. That’s gonna mean getting all that stuff out of my chair, isn’t it? At least the cycle is feeding itself, right?