Christmas Vakay Day Four

Another busy and productive day!  When I started this morning, my desk looked like this:

When I declared it done for the day, I had this:

I did more on the room later, but…yeah, I’m happy.  And I’m posting this from that desk! Woohoo!

After I got that done, the kids and I worked on the living room. I fixed the vacuum cleaner, which boiled down to replacing the broken belt, and got the place ready for the tree.

And I spent some time reading and knitting. I finished these two books, by virtue of realizing half way through the first one that they were FICTION. WTH? Who write an entirely made up account of Jungian-style psychodynamic therapy?

I’m sure I will run out of things soon that I can declare finished each day, but I am enjoying this wrapping up of niggling details. The kids go back to school tomorrow, and I will have time to think through some of the stuff on my list of “thinkings to think.” Yep, I will count that too, because it’s productive. And don’t even tell me you don’t keep such a list! Also beginning tomorrow, it will be time to start cleaning the nooks and crannies of my room. I’ve pretty much gotten the furniture where I want it now. I’m still loving it!