Christmas Vakay Day Five

Today has been…busy.  First things first, I actually wrote morning pages at my DESK.  That was a really awesome feeling.  And I get to have that awesome feeling every day now.  Writing in a softcover notebook, hunched in an armchair just leaves something to be desired, yk?  

Those of you who are privileged to spend time with my actual person (haha) may have heard me say, “That’s going in my *Book of Win*!”  Except that I didn’t have one until today.  I didn’t actually call it that, though.  It is my Book of Keeping.  I’m going to use if to record awesome moments of goodness, and bits of poetry, and just such as this.  It will be a fun book to look through on rainy days. Sort of like a scrapbook, but without pictures.  The first things I recorded in it are some of Hafiz’ poems.

Speaking of which, I really, really hope you can read this one.  It’s awesome.  In case you can’t, it says:


The way we live opens windows
And calls in a secret voice to anything
Still missing.
There is nothing in your mind
You have not invited in.
There is no event in your life
You in some way
Did not drive a hard bargain for.
We were all once like moons,
Often full and bright.
The heart, in its wisdom,
Ceaselessly shops for
The wise in any foreign country
seek a true guide.
The guide says,
“Just practice this new birdcall,
It will attract to you
something even
Greater than



I also spent a good deal of time today READING a novel from an up and coming author, with a very twisted and devious mind.  I liked it.  A lot!  The best news is, not only do I get to say “I knew him when,” he’s actually going to be related soon!  Tomorrow, I need to spend a little less time reading, and a little more time cleaning, but it was totally worth it!

Finally, we put up the tree.  Here I am putting the angel on it.









And here it is, finished and lit. Merry Christmas!