Christmas Vakay Days Six and Seven

This…is all the mess that’s left from re-doing my room. I consolidated it on Day Six. Will I finish it before school starts again? No, because I also need to sort through all the cubbies. Will I make progress on it? Definately!

I also made progress on my scarf.  I thought I had it finished, but it rolls.  Gah, I hate that, so I am attempting to fix it.  Also, it is more suitable for a man than for me. Not quite sure what I am going to do with it. Anybody out there needing some hand-knit love?

Aaaaaand I started The History of Love: A Novel. It is beautiful.

Today, Day Seven, I visited with a friend, cleaned my kitchen and cooked. It was delicious. Fried chicken, rice, gravy, potato salad, rutabagas, green butter beans. I sang and danced in the kitchen while I did that. It was this year’s version of Christmas Dinner. Bittersweet.