Christmas Vakay Days Eight and Nine

December 20 and 21–I am getting a little behind here! What did I do Thursday and Friday? *scratches head* Well, I did take pictures and that will help remind me.

Oh yeah, I pulled the washing machine out to fix it. That thing is heavy. I had flipped the breaker several times to no avail, but managed to fix the beast by unplugging and plugging it back in. Except for the hole in the gasket. I have no idea what happened there, but it was very blistered and thin, and when I touched it, it made a hole. I’ve tried several different ways to patch it, all unsuccessful. I’ll be trying a bicycle tire patch next. I don’t even want to know how much one of these would cost to replace!

I finished with that book. By which I mean, I read what I wanted to read out of it.

Then I grabbed the hammer and fixed the front porch railing and the side steps. RAWR!

Friday, I cleaned the bathroom, and did more laundry in my patch-gasketed washer. Cleared off counters are better than the best pageant trophy ever! Oh, and freaked my teenager out by going out without telling her where. She hates that. 😀