Christmas Vakay Day Twelve

Twas the day before Christmas and down at the farm, I was chillin’

I closed the toe of this sock I started when I visited Sarah in August. Dang it, I miss her and want some face time. We have giggling to do. In person. Then I started its mate.

finished sock

started sock

Dinner was pretty, pretty ribeyes, pan-fried in bacon grease. They were tasty. Very tasty.


Yep, I know it wasn’t a long list. Some things you can’t capture in an image.

I talked with my son about decisions and how I prioritize. In doing that, I realized that the biggest lessons take only two minutes of words, because I have lived the example in front of them for their whole lifetime. What I say makes sense because of what they have seen me do.

I spent a while fretting over another one of my children. In the end, I just had to sigh and give it over to…not me.

I listened to Christmas carols on Spotify and hung out with Mama.

I chatted with friends, new ones, because the old ones don’t need me anymore. That sounds like a complaint, but it isn’t. It’s an acknowledgement– I had a job to do, and I did it, and I take a certain satisfaction from that.

I laughed a lot.

I cried because I needed to, but only a little.

I drank wine straight from the bottle.

I went to bed when I was tired.

It was a real day, and that made it a good day.