Christmas Vakay Days Seventeen, Eighteen, and Nineteen

Because who wants to start 2013 blogging about 2012? Let’s wrap it up! P.S This will be the last post labeled Christmas Vakay, because…I said so!

So, on the 29th, I bought food for the New Year’s Party. Yumm!

party food

And I took a pictorial inventory of the first cubby, which is my January project. And probably also February. It has a first layer.

first layer

And also a second layer.

second layer

I’ve figured out that it is probably going to take me all year to go through this room of mine, and I have decided to be okay with that, because when it is done, it will be done. And there will be much less stuff. And this is good.
Sorry the pics are blurry, I seem to have mislaid the camera manual in this hodgepodge of mess, and the flash is washing stuff out, and I can’t get far away enough from the cubbies to make a “far-off and zoom in” shot practical.

On the 30th, I sat in my chair and worked on my scarf. For the first time, I am working yarn that has lived up to it’s promise from hank to project. Usually, I am surprised and a bit disappointed in the difference winding and stitching make in the presumed colorway and patterning, but this…is perfectly happy-making.

Also, I opened my caramel creams from Christmas. Frankly, they suck. I bought them because…because. My grand-dad was a big candy eater. These things, circus peanuts, moon pies. I was and still am looking for a candy that reminds me of him without making me nauseous. I gave up on the circus peanuts long ago. These are now crossed off the list, and I haven’t actually enjoyed a moon pie in years, though I still eat them when hard-pressed. What do you do when comfort food no longer comforts?

caramel creams

On the 31st, I cooked. I made hot cheese dip, fried chicken wings, a cheese/cracker tray, and roasted pecans to go with the oyster crackers I made on the 29th. I also heated some boiled peanuts. Diva made taco cupcakes and pigs in a blanket. If you guys aren’t here, you should be, because you are missing some fine foodstuffs.

good cook

And I posted this on facebook:

In 2013, I want to love so wide and so deep that others float peacefully in the sea of me, and so thick that when they rise to walk away, drops of it cling to their skin reminding them that I am waiting with arms and heart wide open.

Happy New Year, Everyone.