January 2, In Which We Discuss Shoes

Okay, so. The three littlest kids have worn their school shoes out. No, really. It’s an embarrassment every morning. So, school starts back tomorrow, plus we have a family thing this weekend. I was pushed over the edge by the amalgamation of stressful events and I went shoe shopping. Diva and I have shoes, but we also got two pairs each as a reward for not killing the little people while shoe shopping. She shopped for herself while I aided the munchkins and then she helped them while I shopped for me. I ended up with a cute pair of three-inch heels, suitable for every day wear, and my first pair of adult boots: knee-high, black, and flat.

In case you have never shoe shopped for 5 people at once, this is what 10 shoe boxes look like, stacked up on a couch.

shoe boxes

See that Hello Kitty box? Yeah, those aren’t mine. But I am going to the mall next week, and they will have the size 5 that I need. And then I will have Hello Kitty shoes. I am totally wearing them with jeans and a ponytail. I may even smack some gum and blow bubbles.