January 6, In Which We Obtain a New Wardrobe. Also, SPS

My aunt has impeccable taste. She also likes clothes. A lot. New ones. And so she has to clear out the old ones to make room. Let me tell you people, the difference between a short, chubby size 6 and a tall, thin size 6 is an elastic waistband.

We share a fondness for classic cuts and fine fabrics. Fortunately for me, she has the wallet to indulge herself. And me, vicariously. Yesterday, she gifted my daughter and I with 6 bags of delectable cast-offs. On the right is the pile that I loved that fits today. On the right is the pile that would fit if I weighed what I weighed a year ago today. I’m holding on to them for a few weeks to see what happens.

In the middle are two red throw pillows, which match my purple and pink room just because I say so.

new clothes

Ok, it’s Sunday, and time to bring back the SPS. I am not dressed or made up, but here is a picture. Sorta.

sps six jan

Show me what you got!