January 8, In Which We Are Very Busy

Wow, it’s only 4:20 as I sit down to type, and I am beat. I filled out some paperwork this morning and then I got dressed. Behold, Sweater Girl Day One.

sweater girl day one

My faithful cousin says this sweater is not flattering. The colors are iffy and that stripe hits at the largest part of my should-be-waist. So, it’s in the Goodwill Bag. Oh yeah, that stack behind me? Those are the books I want to read this year and re-home.

I had promised Diva lunch out for all her help this past semester, and that evolved into a trip to the mall as we discussed what each of us needed in addition to lunch. By the way, I did you all a favor today. I bought all the sexy. There isn’t any left, so you don’t need to go looking for it! Here she is as we strolled and shopped.

Diva at the mall

Lunch was amazing teriyaki chicken. We totally should have split a plate, though. We ended up bringing a lot of it home. But just the rice part. Yep, we are meatatarians around here. And vegetables, of course.


I found Hello Kitty shoes. Squeeeeeeeee! No, I didn’t get to pay kid prices for them! None of the shoes stores had a kids 5, so I ended up at Journeys. But that’s okay, I got my shoes!

hello kitty shoes

We also stopped at every store that sold hosiery. I have enough leg wear here to insure that I can indulge two of my passions throughout the cold weather months: skirts AND warm legs. And yes, there are two pairs of over-the-knee socks in this pile.

tights and socks

I popped in for my annual haircut. It was a good year–I only lost an inch and a half!


And while I was out, my first shipment of hard copy textbooks arrived. Yay me! I will be starting Peace is Every Step tonight!

books first shipment

So that’s been my day so far. I am through shopping until May. I am ready for pajamas and a book. What have you been up to?