January 10, Peace in Every Step

Probably the most significant thing I did today, besides making my favorite instructor laugh, was to finish Peace in Every Step. It had been on my “want to read” shelf at goodreads for quite a while, and was assigned for my positive psych class. I started it….Monday, I think. The book is a fairly short read, but it is a life altering, perspective changing tome. I really do recommend it to anyone who is stressed, frazzled, sad, or just stuck in a rut. It’s a treatise on mindfulness and being aware, about focusing on the moment. Maybe you guys know all that, and really so do I, but it was a great reminder of some specific things we can do to bring ourselves back into mindfulness.

I am adding it to my “Once a Year” shelf. Since I have already told you I am focusing on getting rid of books this year, this should tell you how valuable I found the teaching here. The next time I read it, I will do so slowly and mindfully, instead of reading it as quickly as possible to get to the next book. Which is Still Here by Ram Dass.

No, I am not taking a comparative religions class. Nor a class on Buddhism. Nor is the Dass for the same class as Peace. Remember that tweet from a couple days ago? I said, “If the universe gets any more synchronous, I am going to think it is hitting me over the head with a brick, instead of giving me a gentle nudge.” Now, remember that I am also reading Simple Abundance and Something More, and you will begin to see what I meant.

peace and dass

My oldest son brought this home today. He’s been selected to the National Junior Honor Society. Not that I ever brag on my kids or anything.

national junior honor society

Yesterday, I started a new thing. Every day from 4-5 is quiet study time. I’ve been getting too many notes from teachers about homework not being turned in. So, for an hour we do homework, or read a book, or write. Me, too. Today, when they started talking, I read to them. From the Encyclopedia of Social Work, which was my assigned reading. Nod. It worked. Muhahahahahaha!

I started another new tradition today: afternoon tea. I made it a little too strong, but it was an effort at some semblance of civilization, and something I have been thinking about doing for quite some time. I would tell you what flavor it was, but it’s actually too strong to discern. I’m sure it was either Raspberry Zinger or Strawberry Fields, but I can’t get it any narrower than that.

inaugural tea

Here’s today’s sweater outfit. Love the pants, and if I can find a clothes shaver to get the tiny pills off, I will have them hemmed. I have them rolled and safety pinned here, which is how I wore them today. The sweater may look okay in the picture, but it’s in the Good Will bag. I like a roomy sweater, but I could fit two of me in it, and the way the excess fabric hangs is not flattering. No one needs to look like an albino bat. I’m just sayin’! I did get a compliment on the scarf, though. I love being able to say, “Thanks, I made it myself.”

sweater girl day 3

P.S. Did you notice I cleaned the mirror?

nullbtt2 Today’s Booking Through Thursday question was “do you like to give books as gifts?”

Yes, but not on gift-giving occasions. I am more inclined to gift someone with a book they want *when they want it*, because then I know I am getting a title they will enjoy. Or at least not blame me for choosing, LOL!