January 11, In Which We Have One Of Those Days

Today was a wreck. What’s funny about it is that I didn’t get nearly as off kilter as I would have only a month ago. Then, if my plans got derailed, I would have been a whirling dervish. Today, I just noticed and adapted.

I went back to bed after I got the kids on the bus and managed to oversleep. I was supposed to be at the mechanic’s shop early this morning. I noted the time, and noted that it was also hair-washing day, so I made myself some coffee and climbed in the shower and washed my hair. Yes, I have started scheduling that, because I forget. My hair never gets oily, so I can’t tell by the look really (except it does get a bit frizzy, but it’s always a bit frizzy, and that is also weather dependent), and it is way to dry to wash daily. However, if I go more than three days my scalp itches like a fiend. Usually I notice the itching at bedtime, and then I can’t sleep. I’m really focusing on getting my sleep pattern fixed, so…yeah, I schedule my hair-washing. Is it Tuesday? Friday? Wash the head.

Then it was time to choose the Sweater of the Day. This one is also a keeper.

sweater girl day four

Once I was dressed and ready to go, the neighbor needed a ride. He was going near where I was going so I said okay. Stopped by the mechanic, and he wasn’t ready for me anyway, so that part worked out. Dropped my friend at his destination and went on to Wal-Mart.

While I was shopping, I got a call from the school that I need to pick the kids up because they have lice. Again. I don’t know where they are getting them, but this is the bazillionth time this year. I don’t have lice. The ex says he doesn’t have lice. The school nurse is not allowed to tell me if my kids are the only ones in their class with lice. WTF? Sick of lice.

Anyway, I noted that it was 10:45 and I was fully dressed for other stuff I had to do today that started at noon, and told the school nurse I was on my way to an appointment and would be there around 2:15. I also had to tell Mama I couldn’t help her out with an errand she needed me to run. That was tough, because I like to be able to say yes, but there was just no way to fit it in, do what I was already committed to, and get the kids picked up. And they were not allowed to ride the bus.

I finished my shopping, and was very pleased as I walked through the dainties section to see that my favorite brand was available in my size and in multiple shades of my favorite color, and I indulged. Girl be a purple princess underneath this tough exterior.

purple skivvies

I went and picked up the neighbor and brought him and the groceries back home.

Then I went and did my Friday stuff: Lunch Buddy and Tutoring. I really enjoy this time each week. I do admit I had a hard time staying in the moment because of all the stuff bumping around in my head. I feel like I cheated my LB today by not being fully present.

math tutor

After that, I emailed the prof for the class I will miss Monday morning getting my kids checked so they can get back to school. It’s the first meeting for a class that only meets once a week for an hour. Not one I really want to miss, right? Then I let the smoke totally out of dinner, and ended up serving charcoal briquets and vegetables in gravy, instead of the beef stew I meant to have. At least the yeast rolls were good.

The day sorted itself out without me doing more than noticing what was going on, and going with the moment. Funny how that works.

Now, it’s time to chill with the last of the afternoon tea, and read or knit. I started the heel of the second Maryland sock today while waiting for my LB. I’m aiming to finish it by next Friday, for reasons that will soon become apparent.