January 16, In Which We Consider Calling and Passion

I was thinking today, as I walked from my interviewing class to my creative writing class, how truly blessed I am. I have been able to devote a substantial portion of my time here to nurturing physical life. And now, in middle age, I have been able to take stock of who I am and what else I want out of life. Helping people is my calling. Words are my passion. Having discovered that, I am able to go to school to develop those innate capacities. Many people never have that chance. Any of those chances. For all my bitching, I am very, very blessed. It was an aha! moment.

Today’s outfit:

outfit Jan 17

Yeah, I added shoes. Yes, that’s a full length denim skirt, non-petite. And I ditched the wool scarf right after I took the picture. It was 70plus degrees today!

And the last (I hope) of my books, which I picked up from the post office today.

Last of my books

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mama!

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