January 24, In Which We Eat Lunch, Finish Ram Dass, and Give Away Shoes

So, somehow on Tuesday and Wednesday, it got to be dinner time and I realized I had not eaten since my morning breakfast shake. Oops! I rectified that on Thursday.


Man, it is hard to eat mindfully for more than a few minutes at a time. Maybe that is why mindful eaters tend to be skinnier! Perhaps when I get bored enough with just eating and reach for my phone or a book, I could stop eating. Hmmmm? On the other hand, I did text someone I hadn’t heard from in a while, so that was pleasant.

I finished Still Here by Ram Dass. Interesting. His book on preparing for death has a lot of good lessons on how to live, and some major implications for practice. And by practice, I mean both dealing with clents and the more spiritual definition.

I also divested myself of a pair of kick-ass heels that I kept walking out of. I had tucked flats into my bag just in case and randomly (hahahahah, yeah right) ran into a a schoolmate who loves a shoe as much as I do and wears a size 8. In fact, we became friends when we traded compliments on shoe taste. How funny is that?

Maybe not as exciting as Monster Beats at musicians friend, but hey, not every day needs to be loud.