January 30, In Which We Discover That Being The Size Of A Twelve Year Old Does Have Some Advantages


Such as being able to fit my hands comfortably on a laptop keyboard!  It is true, in case you thought as much from yesterday’s post, that I have bitten the bullet and upgraded to a 10 inch tab.  I decided on the ASUS Transformer because of the docking capability.  I ordered Friday; the tablet arrived Monday; and the accessories arrived yesterday.  Today, my friend Alan installed the screen protector for me, and I was able to put it all together.  Why are men always able to do that and I never can??

I love it!  My textbooks are easily readable on the larger screen, and I can take notes and record lectures at the same time.  I can type papers *while* I am reading the books they pertain to.  And yes, I have the texts I was able to get in e-ditions on here already. And the weight didn’t increase at all!

And did I mention on the fly blogging?  More than just a pic?  So much easier than typing with thumbs on the phone or the touchpal keyboard on the smaller tablet.

I’ve copied files from the broken laptop.  And the working one.  And the small tablet.  I’ll be transferring things over sometime this weekend, I hope.  And the kids will be benefitting, too.  My goal is to shuffle things around so that everyone has some access to a computer of some sort.  Because, yeah.  I am a geek.  And I am raising more geeks.  You have been warned.