February 3-5, In Which We Do Some Stuff

Yeah, I know I had a good habit going on here. And I remember every day that I need to blog, but this is the first time I have been home (almost) on time in …a long time. SO let’s just catch up, shall we?

February 3rd, I watched the Superbowl, along with everyone else in America. IMO, Beyoncé sucked.


February 4th, I wore some clothes.

feb 4

And because it was Monday, I sat in the library between classes and did homework. I also had a chocolate mocha latte and a brownie. It was delicious.

it's Monday

February 5th, I also wore clothes.

feb 5

And made the most amazing beef stew ever.

best stew ever

Beef stew begins with browning the meat in bacon drippings.
Plus one packet onion soup mix.
Plus one large can cream of mushroom soup.
Plus one jar of mild salsa.
Plus the remainder of a small jar of minced garlic.
Plus six potatoes, peeled and large diced.
Plus a few green onions.
Plus half a bell pepper.
Plus one yellow onion.
Plus a pound of frozen peas.
Plus a half-poundish of green butter beans.
Final steps: Adding cheese to some crescent rolls and putting them in to bake; turning off the burner and ripping the leaves off a bunch of parsley and stirring them into the stew.

Sorry, no aluminum angle, I used my new pot!