April 7, In Which We Talk About Coloring

Why yes, I do plan to get about a week’s worth of blog posts from Friday’s shopping trip.  Thanks for noticing!

the coloring stashYesterday morning, I sat with my kids and colored,  with my tongue between my teeth just like I was five. The books in the back are MINE.  Note that three of them are fat, with simple pictures, and two of them are Pooh, because he’s my favorite.  Also, the box of 120 is mine, and not their’s and not for sharing.  They got the little boxes.

Here is the memory that goes with the books and crayons:  When I was little, I got sick a lot with bronchitis and kidney infections.  This meant a lot of doctor visits and a lot of bed rest.  I always spent sick time at my Grandparent’s house, because my mom couldn’t miss work.  After every doctor’s visit, there was a treat of hoop cheese from the little store by the pediatrician.  And every time I had to go spend the week in Clarkton, Mama stopped on the way and bought me a new box of crayons and a fat coloring book.

I still love hoop cheese.  I still take my kids to that same pediatric office.  I still love coloring books and crayons.

120 colorsHere is what 120 different colors look like after you take them out of the three little boxes that were in the big box and put them in a plastic bowl so you can see all of them at once.  I think my OCD is showing.  I might want to tuck that back in.