April 8-10, In Which We Talk Mostly About Hands

nail kit

This would be my new nail kit.  Now, I know it looks like a tackle box on the outside,  This is to keep my female children at bay.  The insides will be aversive to the boy kids, and so I have a mani-pedi kit all to myself.  The four bottles in the long row are new, as are the ones in the packaging.  Of course, I got rid of five bottles tonight as we will discuss in a bit.

fresh mani

This is my fresh manicure, taken on top of my journal pages, because I somehow managed to get my clock set incorrectly Sunday.  The time read 6, but it was only 5 when I got myself and then the children up Monday.  I actually had time to journal on a Monday morning.  That was awesomesauce.


On Tuesday, I misplaced my give a damn.  I went to school in opaque tights, a mini dress, and Mary Janes.

my palm

This is my palm tonight.  Do you see the spots and dots?  Apparently, I have athlete’s foot.  but because I itch all*the*damn*time, I didn’t realize I had athlete’s foot until the skin started cracking and bleeding.  In the meantime, I must have transferred it to my hands.  Either that, or I am allergic to the stuff I am treating my foot with.  Whatever.  I am now treating both feet and both hands, and I threw out every bottle of nail polish I had used since January, including base and top coats.  Nail polish is relatively cheap.  Athlete’s foot is more than relatively aggravating, especially on your hands.  I don’t want to risk giving it back to myself trying to save a buck or eight.

I decided not to show ya’ll the picture of the dime sized debrided blister on my foot.  You can thank me later.