Smiles for May 2

  1. A snap-lock bowl to hold my sourdough starter
  2. A small RED enameled cast-iron pot.  I’ve been eyeballing a big one for quite some time, but needed one this size for something specific.  And it’s RED.  Also heavy.  And expensive.  But it’s a RED enameled cast-iron pot.
  3. New mixing bowls.
  4. My cousin, who is probably the strongest woman I know.  Seriously. I have seen some shit, and she has seen more, and she just keeps on getting up.  It’s amazing and inspiring to know her.
  5. I got to go back to bed this morning.
  6. Wine, specifically red sangria.
  7. This headache did not come with nausea and ocular disturbances.
  8. I got my cook on tonight.
  9. I got to see my lunch buddy and tutorees today.
  10. Printing a new bread recipe to put together tonight.