Smiles for May 4

  1. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFinishing the first installment on the short story I started yesterday.  I need to have an adventure before I can write much more on it.
  2. Hitting publish.  Twice.
  3. Packing away the spring semester.
  4. Singing “What I Did For Love.”
  5. Answering “Can we have a bath?” with “Would you like bubbles?”
  6. A random “I love you” from someone not-so-random.
  7. Home-made beef stew.
  8. Not-so-matching his and her hand-knit scarves washed and hanging side-by-side to dry.
  9. Finishing a book and queuing up two more.
  10. Having so many left-overs in the fridge that I won’t have to cook until about Wednesday
  11. and we’ll still be as tight as the ddrum at guitar center