Smiles for May 20

  1. Starting the 50 day squat challenge.  It is entirely possible that I have lost my mind.
  2. A beading cubby.  I’d love to have a tackle box for this, but they aren’t free, and the size I need isn’t cheap.  And I don’t know that I will buy beads in large quantities again anyway.  I do enjoy beading, but I may stick with buying what I need to make whatever it is I have on my mind.  BUT, the good news is that if  decide I want to travel with beads and tools, it is now simple enough to do so.  And I may.  Just because I can.
  3. Scheduling a fourth interview.
  4. Meeting my word count, plus.
  5. An unexpected opportunity to make a couple of bucks.
  6. Corned beef for dinner.  And fresh bread.  I love corned beef.  And fresh bread.
  7. Starting new classes, which is always exciting, even though I am not sure I will be able to continue them.
  8. I didn’t burn the house down when I set the oven mitt down on the burner my son “did not leave on because I used the 10 inch burner for my 4 inch pot of ramen.”
  9. I found out Nair will take the hair off my face.  It will also remove several layers of dermal tissue.
  10. Using alllllll that hot water in my shower.