Please excuse my absence

Please excuse my absence, I had a spate of urgent business to take care of.  I have lost track of where I am supposed to be in both my photo memes, so there are no pictures this morning but other than that things are getting back to the new normal.  That’s the thing about “normal”–it’s always in flux, right?  Just when you think you have things on an even keel, are living  a reasonably calm and mellifluous life, things change.  The good news is that thanks to however many years of evolution, humans, even this one, have a marvelous capacity to adapt.

Today, I am just putting myself through my paces.  Going through the agenda and checking things off.  I’ve done the most difficult physical thing already, which was pulling my front loading washer out from the wall and attempting to address its’ issues.  I’ve got it running now, and will soon know if that endeavor was successful.

I’m also waiting to hear a word on my cousin, but that won’t be coming for hours yet.  I’m thinking…yeah, I’m thinking it is probably time to pick out some beads for myself while I wait to hear if my next giftee approves of my choices.

There is something very calming about doing the next thing, just the next thing, always the next thing.  The beauty of it is that you don’t get locked into rigidity, and the next thing always presents itself right on time.