Smiles for May 29

  1. I moved that monstrosity of a washing machine.  I love being able to do stuff for myself.
  2. Re-starting the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  This made me smile because I realized what a blessing it is to be able to command my body to move and have it do so.  Not everyone is so privileged.
  3. My cousin’s surgery went well.
  4. Reacquainting myself with my best friends: paper and ink.  They have so far failed to either disappoint or wound me in any way. Ever.  pen and paper
  5. Mixing bread.  I’ve missed it this past week.
  6. Securing coverage for Tuesday mornings next fall.
  7. Tacos for dinner.  With Asiago cheese.  This make them Italian, right?
  8. Visiting my cousin.  Yep, same one. This happened on Saturday, but it made me smile again today.  I am very grateful to the men who drove us so we could see each other.  I’m not sure “thank you” is adequate, but there are no other words to use, yanno?
  9. Extra sleep this morning.  I’d have gotten more done if I had not gone back to bed, but I’ve been steadily building a sleep deficit for eight days.
  10. Picking out beads for my own Japa Mala.  Pinks, purples, and earths.  Perfect for me.  I will start it tonight.

my japa mala beads