Good morning!

My version of ” the beatings will continue until morale improves”: I will continue to police this house every morning until you learn to pick up after yourselves.

In related news, I have folded one load of laundry and have another in the dryer and a third in the washer. This completes the backed up laundry in the laundry area and I can start on the pile in my bathroom, which is great because I need underwear.

I have moved the washing machine back into its proper position. I think it needs a name. What do you call a lazy ho who only works when she wants to? Waaaaaaait, wrong sex. The washing machine is now known as Husband.

And I vacuumed. Not bad for a gal who only got three hours of sleep last night.

There are no pics again today, because I still don’t know where I am at in either meme.  Ha, way to lose track of the days, right?

I strung my Japa Mala last night, except for the large bead.  I couldn’t get both string ends through the hole in that, so I need to think on what to do there.  But while I was stringing, I was counting people I am grateful for or to.  It took a while, because I was tying knots between each bead, but it was rather easy to come up with 108, starting with the people I love and branching out to the people they love.  I didn’t even chase all the rabbit trails.  The interesting thing to me was that as I counted my children, I was forced to realize I am grateful for their fathers as well.  It was an exercise in humility as well as gratitude.  Everyone who comes into your life (beyond the significance of a grocery store clerk) impacts it in some way, no?  Even, or maybe especially, the ones it would be more emotionally convenient to forget.  Convenience often hides a world of laziness and ingratitude.

Okay, I am through pontificating for the day.  I got stuff to do, including visiting some sort of retail establishment.  We seem to be out of dishwasher detergent and almost out of laundry soap.