Smiles for May 30

  1. Naming my broke-ass washing machine “Husband.”  I guess I am easily amused.
  2. Miscalculating my word count goal because I can’t freaking add numbers the first two times on three hours of sleep.  Note to self: use a calculator from now on.
  3. Hammering my own steps.  Again.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy being able to do these simple repairs?  The skills I am learning will come in handy when I build my own small cottage.  You think I am joking don’t you?  I’m not.
  4. Finishing up all those “found” towels–four loads over the past two days.
  5. Putting the last half-load of kid laundry from the Great Clean Up into the washing machine.  Why were two of my missing socks in with their stuff?  Little sock-thieves, I say!
  6. Actually meeting my word count.
  7. My own cleverness.
  8. Looking at Father’s Day cards.  If you know me, you realize that sentence was a book in five words.  And yes, I bought one.
  9. Prepping a huge fruit salad with my daughter–she volunteered to help.
  10. Finishing my own Japa Mala.  My turning bead is actually three coordinating beads hanging in a tail off the main loop.  It’s what I could find that would accommodate both cord ends.