A Little Personal Foible

So, yesterday, I was very pleased to finish my Japa Mala, remember?  But when I was using it last night, I realized the strand was awfully short.  Yeah, because in my sleep deprived state, I counted 9×9 three times, and said okay, let’s get started.  I have 81 beads instead of 108!  I destroyed my meditative state by getting up and pulling together enough beads to re-make it.

I also learned in using it that seed beads are not so good on these, because it’s harder to feel them.  So maybe it’s a good thing I miscounted??  Because I wouldn’t take it apart if there were the right number of beads, but since I have to do so anyway, I will replace the too small ones.

And since I was out of hemp cord, I went digging in the stash and found cream perle cotton.  I think it will be beautiful with these beads.

And see, this is why I am going into social work instead of physics.  Because you know you are glad that I wasn’t working on a particle accelerator over here!