Smiles for June 2

  1. A scoured and tidy silverware drawer.
  2. A scoured and tidy “bread zone.”
  3. The feel of well-risen  sour-dough bread dough in my hands.  Each loaf has a different texture, you know, and I can usually tell how the bread will come out by the way the dough feels in my hands.  This batch will be light, fluffy, moderately sour, and delicious with butter and leftover spaghetti.
  4. Journaling and meditating in the park while watching my kids play.
  5. Avocado with lemon pepper seasoning and nothing else, eaten with a spoon right out of the shell.
  6. 70 squats.  Again, not because they are fun.  In fact, they burn quite a bit. But the fact remains that I can do 70 squats.
  7. Watching that hottie do “dips.”  But only for a second, I swear.
  8. More research.  I am a geek.
  9. Figuring out the queue function on Tumblr.  Again, I am a geek.
  10. The park.  It deserves a second mention.