Smiles for June 3

Straight up, peeps, I’ll be reaching today.  But I’m doing it because there really are things to smile about even on dark days.  And this one is dark, literally and figuratively.

  1. I have a written routine, so I know what to do when I don’t know what to do.
  2. This song:
  3. A clean kitchen floor.
  4. Glitter in the baby girls’ room.  I should vacuum that up, but it’s glitter.
  5. Liking myself, and being happy with who and what I am.  I’m someone I would like to hang around with, and that’s saying something.  I realize there are many, many people who never get to where I am at in that respect.
  6. Tapioca pudding for breakfast.
  7. I was able to hobble to the coffee pot after doing 75 squats.  Shit, that hurts.  By the time I work up to 250 ( in just 29 more days) I suspect I will be able to break a man with these thighs, as opposed to just smothering him.
  8. Finishing the final chapter of the book.   No confetti at this point, because I wrote the last chapter first.  Nonetheless, it is the longest piece of straight fiction I have ever written and deserves some small celebration.
  9. A long summer thunderstorm.
  10. Finding 10 happy things in just four hours, which reminds me of another song: