Rested Morning

I love me some good sleep. It’s only 7:30. I woke up this morning just a few minutes before the alarm went off, and for the first time in quite a while, I actually felt rested. The kids are off to school, including the one I had to take because her bus came early, crossing paths with the other bus, and we didn’t hear it.

My morning reading is done, the house is policed, the laundry is started. The only other household tasks for the day are vacuuming and organizing one kitchen cabinet. And I am only on my first cup of coffee!

I also need to run by the post office and mail a package. I didn’t realize it would be possible to cram six and a half months into a 2x12x9 box, but it is. With room to spare.

Also, Wal-Mart to get a clothes basket for the boys’ room. If I have to pick up their dirty socks off the floor one more day, we might have a war. Ha! Their wives will thank me later, right?

I wrote a little something yesterday called “So Tell Me.”

So tell me:
How does it feel to dive
into the deep end of a pool
filled with complete
acceptance of all that you are?

And how does it feel to
climb out, shake yourself off,
and walk away?

I am somewhat
curious about all that.

Okay then, I guess that’s that. I am feeling entirely too pleased with myself. Maybe I will go ahead and do today’s squat challenge. That will take the starch right outta me! Uhhhhh, I better do those chores first, I think.