Smiles for June 5

  1. Alphabet Photo Challenge.  I told you I like routines and patterns, and this particular one channels creativity in a particular way for me.  It forces me to look at things in a different way, and it’s limitless within limits.
  2. Waking up with my own mala in the bed with me, and remembering that I started working with it last night.  It pleases me to do for myself a good thing that I have done for someone else.
  3. Understanding and agreement.  I have very few close associates, and it is important to me that those few relationships contain a high degree of concordance.  When they don’t, I am out of sorts.
  4. Coffee.  Does this even need an explanation?
  5. Not having any laundry to do today.  Seriously, there isn’t even half a load.
  6. Declaring today to be a reading day.
  7. Lunch buddies!  This will be the last time for this school year.
  8. Walking through my house.  This is the best it’s been since my first high-needs baby was born, except for the brief time I lived in a house that only contained a quarter of my stuff.  Man, just thinking about that, right?  Four high-needs babies in a row, and then the deaths and divorce after the last was weaned.  Sometimes I regret that I let my life get so out of control, and then sometimes I look at myself and say “how did you even manage to survive?”  Depression bites.
  9. This time off.  I fought it tooth and nail, but it was needful both to rest my mind, and to work it in different ways– to work on things I had been letting sit on the back burner for far too long.
  10. Building routines, primarily in the realm of self-care.

There, a ten item list before 9am.  It’s a thoughtful kind of day.