Smiles for June 17

Sorry, guys.  It’s not like I haven’t been doing this, I just haven’t been doing it here.  It’s been on Facebook while I was gone and while I was getting back into the routine of home.  Which I am about to disrupt with a camping adventure.

Anyway: Today’s Happy–crap, I can’t remember what I did….let me think. Ha!
~It was rest day on the workout, so it only took 10 minutes or so. But 90 seconds of that was a plank. So, RAWR.
~Packing up the school uniforms. because I now own my children at least for half the summer, and also their room looks neater without uniforms on the dresser.
~The mending is done. That pile of unwearables has been an albatross growing around my neck for awhile. I was able to fully repair over half of it, and I sent the rest to its glorious reward.
~Cheese cubes in canned chicken noodle soup–surprisingly good. Add them to the mug after you ladle in the soup.
~Cheese cubes in peasant bread. I suppose you could eat this with soup, but we had spaghetti.
~Pain reliever, because my arm is still hurting.
~Enough money to buy MORE pain reliever tomorrow, because I took the last of it tonight. Except for the percocet, and I don’t like to take that if I can help it.
~Being able to switch vehicles with my mom for a couple days so she could use the larger one to move.
~A camping forecast that calls only for isolated opposed to tornadoes and shit. The last time I went camping, I personally held my tent down to the ground by laying on the very edge as the wind tried to overturn it. I ain’t askairt. And it only storms like that when I’m with my mom anyway, and she’s not going this time.
~New to me dresses, at the cost of FREE. Scandalous amounts of boobage might be involved here.