Smiles for June 18

~An early phone call that I didn’t mind waking up for.

~One minute and 40 second plank.  It was beast, ya’ll.

~Mama wanting to keep my van another day and agreeing to run my 2 errands so I didn’t have to drag the kids out to buy Motrin and milk and pay the electric bill.

~Clean floors.

~Sour-dough starter that TRIPLED instead of just doubling.

~This picture showing up in my Zemanta options.  It’s me with Mama and Deb Schwabe a few years ago.


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~Pondering aspects of illusory control, controlling oneself, and situations in which one controls both what happens and one’s own response, and how I enjoy and seek out such situations.

~This conversation with my almost 12 year-old son–

Him: I don’t like tuna salad.

Me: Well, my job is to prepare the food and let you know it’s ready.  Whatever happens after that is the result of your right to self-determination.

He ate the tuna salad 🙂

~Getting my e-cig case back.  Yesterday was interesting with no real cigarettes and a battery that was re-charging.



R is for Righteous antique that makes me Ridiculously happy: Grandmother’s treadle sewing machine now Resides with me.

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