Smiles for June 19

~A good chat with my cousin last night.  We chat almost daily, but sometimes we say important things.

~Corned Beef and Sour Dough bread for dinner.  If there are left-overs, I may try to make corned beef hash, just to see if I like it homemade.

~Cleaning the kitchen.  I’m coming to terms with my own domesticity.  It is how I make this house a home, and there is no shame in it.

~Having my daughter’s boyfriend drop by, so I could make him take care of that rotting deer meat he’d left in my fridge since the 9th so I didn’t have to it myself.  Because today was the day.  It had to GO.

~Finding out that the tat I want to buy myself for my birthday should come in at less than 75 bucks.

~Having all my boobage fit into my bra again on the very day the scale says I gained a pound.

~Doing by partial sight a thing I used to do by feel.

~”I have always given my castoffs to charity.”  This was PRICELESS, but you mighta had to been there.

~Setting my children to cleaning up their “I’ve walked through the house dropping things” trails….and being prepared to follow through with the trash can if they didn’t.




S  is for Small Stack of Sentimental Stuff I’ve Started for Sarah.