All kinds of smiling

So, I went camping.  I left the tent open and it rained. Everything got soaked. And there were bugs! Five cans of bug spray worth, plus bruises from yellow fly bites. The buzzing was constant, and not the pleasant hum of the noises in a music store.It was a high screechy sound in our ears. We were damp and we were miserable.

But! We saw a turtle laying eggs, and we spent an hour watching a gator in the lake. Yes, it is possible for 5 children to be almost silent when they are enthralled. I spent 3 days hanging out with some of my favorite people and 2 days with another favorite person. And I had the good sense to curtail the adventure a day early. Because nothing was dry, and also five cans of bug spray.

And also, I now have a tattoo. And three new holes in my right ear. So there ya go.

My summer classes start tomorrow.

Regular smiles will re-commence tonight or tomorrow, and the alphabet pics will re-start on the first.