Smiles for June 25

  1. A random phone call.
  2. Lessons in basic math with my new adult.
  3. Considerations of literary tramp stamps.
  4. With my cousin.
  5. Finding out that a plank in good form held for 20-60 seconds is considered a rep.  Because I was supposed to go for 3 minutes today, and I could not do that in good form.  But I did do a 100 second AND an 85 second.  I think form over time, don’t you?  Also, this carpet burn on my elbows is also on my last nerve.  I may need to look at yoga mats and yoga mat bags.  Although, Lord knows, I do not need to try to cram anything else into this room!  Or spend more money!
  6. Successful laundry adventures.  Hey, if you were arguing with your machine like I am arguing with mine, you would call laundry an adventure, too.  I managed to coax 2 full loads through it today,
  7. Leftover rice and gravy for dinner.  Yum!
  8. With sourdough cheese toast.
  9. Free Kindle books.  Scads of them.
  10. Time to read tonight.