Smiles for Jun 28

  1. Getting the van inspected and ready for tagging.  And the oil changed, finally.
  2. Craft supplies for calming jars for four kids plus two adults.  I’ll help my kids make theirs tomorrow.
  3. A coffee press.  On clearance.  I’ve looked for these several times at Wal-Mart over the past year or so, and they never have them.  Today they did.  And did I mention on clearance?
  4. DaBaby “working out” with me today.  She thought I did a ridiculous number of crunches and push-ups, but appeared to enjoy planking.
  5. Finally getting the bulk of the camp stuff, and its accompanying smell, out of the van.
  6. A really good dinner.  Even if most of the kids disliked the zucchini.
  7. This righteous tired, because I should sleep well tonight.