Joy, a mid-year update

So here it is June 30th, half way through 2013.  It seemed like a good day to inventory the joy jar.


  • 2 paper bracelets, one from the Hawk-in and one denoting newbie status at an event I attended for the very last first time
  • a candle stub, which reminds me of my cousin
  • the tag that my dog wore
  • a fishing lure, reminiscent of fishing with Will and Shirley
  • the ticket stub from Les Mis, which I attended with my teenage daughters
  • the parking pass from my recent camping trip
  • half an oyster shell-from the first trip
  • a coffee stirrer-from the second trip
  • a beer cap-from the third trip
  • a nut-from the fourth trip
  • a dollar bill-from the fifth trip, because I forgot to find a small trinket
  • a small pebble-from the sixth trip–I didn’t realize I had been so many times.  It’s possible the nut and the beer cap are from the same trip.
  • 19 pennies, for counting

It’s been a good six months.