Smiles for July 1

  1. Dinner from ingredients, not boxes. You already saw it, as exhibit A.
  2. Getting most of the camping stuff out of the house.  I have my living room mostly back.
  3. The new way I have arranged my room, I like the openness.
  4. A plan, of sorts, for how my days need to take shape.  It’s simple, and beautiful in its simplicity, and I do not know why this did not occur to me before.  24 hours minus 8 hours sleep equals 16 hours minus 8 hours of work equals 8 hours and that means 4 hours for the family (including the cooking and cleaning) and 4 hours for me (including hobbies and hygiene.)  Yep, that seems like a lot.  I’m an introvert and that is my minimum basic requirement.
  5. Dyeing eggs at Camp Cass.  I haven’t mentioned that have I?  I am trying to do something fun with the kids everyday.  Nothing expensive that will make me need to research bankruptcy fraud penalties. Nothing extravagant to eat up hours, but still something fun.  Saturday we made calming jars. Yesterday, we blew bubbles.  Today, we dyed eggs.