Smiles for July 3

  1. A clean desk.
  2. A revised workout plan.  Evidently you aren’t supposed to work out every muscle group every day.  This might explain why I have been having so much trouble with my upper body work.  We’ll see.  I’m going with 2 days on and one day off for each of upper/lower/core.  In effect, this means I work 2 sections of me per day.  Except I am graciously allowing me to have Sunday off.  I’m cool like that.
  3. A quick check-in with a friend.  All my fellow introverts seem to be in right now.  As am I.  This is the first time in my life I have managed to surround myself with other introverts, so it surprised me that we are cycling the same.  Like menstruating women, maybe?  Hahahaha.  Sorry to the males in my posse.
  4. My OCEAN test tells me I am getting more introverted as I age, which I know.  It also told m I was getting lower on the neuroticism scale.  I thought my give-a-damn was busted, and come to find out, I was right.
  5. The slowly growing pile of stuff that will go with me to my cousin’s house.
  6. The short grocery list she gave me of stuff she can’t get there in the wicked North.
  7. Easy-peasy dinner that was delicious.
  8. Vacuuming my room.  I do like a clean floor to do my crunches on, and I had sand on my back when I got up this morning.
  9. Putting my tv back in my room.  Not that I ever watch it.  But I do like a movie now and then.
  10. Life.  I had another day to connect, to think, to plan, to live.