T is for Thinks I am Thinking

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThese things are destined to end up in the Joy Jar shortly, but I want to smile over them a little longer first. And here are some other thinks:

      1. I’m thinking of setting up a work area in the living room corner. This will necessitate re-arranging some furniture in there, and finding another bookcase that I can shift into my room to hold the stuff currently in my work area that I don’t use daily. But it will also allow me to
        • ~monitor the children while I do school work (this is a biggie)
        • ~return my room to a place of relaxation and contemplation instead of combined work and everything else
        • ~put a reading chair back in my room, which I have greatly missed
        • ~spend less time online, because my computer will be *out there* and I know I will still spend chunks of time *in here* after the kids are asleep
      2. I’m thinking my yard is a complete wreck, and I need to plan a family work day to fix that.
      3. I’m thinking of cutting the worn linoleum OUT of the dining room.  It’s more of an eyesore than the plywood underflooring would be.  And it’s the first thing you see when you come in the house–after the yard which I have already mentioned.
      4. I’m thinking about what to do with all these books.  Of course, moving the work area out and a reading chair in will help, but then I need to decide if I want to sell books online once I finish them, or just donate them.
      5. I’m thinking about how to fix the vacuum cleaner (won’t pick up), the fridge (now freezes everything), and the washer (still won’t work right).  I need to change the filters, see what happens after I adjust the setting (which I did this morning), and call the repair place (which I did before I left, but they were setting appointments for while I was gone).
      6. I’m thinking about how to return to my practice.  I think the room rearrangement will help with that.  No computer in the bedroom = place of relaxation and contemplation = meditative mood = more prone to actually meditate.

Yeah, so basically I need to move furniture and buy a yard rake and a box cutter.