W is for Wonderful


This is my view as I sit in my reading chair in my room.  I literally put the camera on top of my head to take this shot.  It probably looks like a cluttered mess to you guys, but I assure you it is highly organized and it is quite Wonderful to me.  All the things I need to create whatever I want to create are there in front of me.  (Plus a television I never watch.) I have books on my right, which you can’t see because cameras don’t have peripheral vision.  I can see myself sitting in this chair thinking, planning, dreaming, doing.

This room is 12×14, 168 square feet, and has everything I need to thrive except a bathroom and a kitchenette.  So, another 80 square feet, maybe a little less depending on floor plan and I am golden.  You may think I am blowing sunshine up your butt when I keep talking about the tiny cabin in the woods.  You should think again.  I am apparently getting ready.